Monday, September 19, 2011

Picture/Video Dump Day

Like Father

Like Son :)

He has such a great time playing with that ball! Best $2.50 ever spent hehe!

His football. Yeah, apparently he sleeps with it now :)

Shopping for birthday party supplies. Needless to say, we did not buy the hat.

He looks like a turtle stuck on his back. Either that or he is trying to break dance.

Brand new jammies! Trying them on at Great Grandma's house.

That's right, he's a cool kid.

I'm sensing a theme with these car-seat pictures. This is on his first birthday, after he got his shots. And after his first haircut the night before! He looks so grown up!

YUM! Comfort food - Went to see THE HELP, and it was sold out! Grr. We even tried again in Odessa a couple weeks later, and guess what, we ended up eating chocolate cake and ice cream at Casa Ole again. Must be a spectacular movie!

I will be adding a post *hopefully* sometime this week of Landon's first birthday, with pictures/video from his party, all of his stats and everything. If not this week, I'll get around to it eventually! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!