Monday, September 19, 2011

Picture/Video Dump Day

Like Father

Like Son :)

He has such a great time playing with that ball! Best $2.50 ever spent hehe!

His football. Yeah, apparently he sleeps with it now :)

Shopping for birthday party supplies. Needless to say, we did not buy the hat.

He looks like a turtle stuck on his back. Either that or he is trying to break dance.

Brand new jammies! Trying them on at Great Grandma's house.

That's right, he's a cool kid.

I'm sensing a theme with these car-seat pictures. This is on his first birthday, after he got his shots. And after his first haircut the night before! He looks so grown up!

YUM! Comfort food - Went to see THE HELP, and it was sold out! Grr. We even tried again in Odessa a couple weeks later, and guess what, we ended up eating chocolate cake and ice cream at Casa Ole again. Must be a spectacular movie!

I will be adding a post *hopefully* sometime this week of Landon's first birthday, with pictures/video from his party, all of his stats and everything. If not this week, I'll get around to it eventually! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!


  1. Love the pics! And he sure does look like a toddler, I can't believe he's already had a haircut! Audrey's is still too short. Looking forward to an update from the birthday!! Happy Birthday to Landon!

  2. Excellent pics. Hats look so good on him I also love sleeping pics. . .I wish I could just konk out like that! For my husband Andrew, I say "hook 'em" to the photo where he is wearing the UT Longhorns shirt.