Friday, November 9, 2012

So, about that PIE...

Okay, so I know I'm like almost a month late posting this. Now, look down at your shoes... If you're mad, you have those same shoes to get glad in. :) Morgan got to go first, since Lauren is her kiddo (and I made her). Will (Morgan's husband) helped her girls, Madison and Lauren, put a pie in her face:

Bahahahahaha! I mean... umm... yeah. Good times. Do you hear all the people in the background? Bunch of punks if you ask me. Hehe. After Morgan got "pied," it was my turn. Aaron (my husband), Madison, and Lauren did the honors:
FYI, if you inhale as a pie is coming at your face, whipped cream can, and WILL go up your nose. And you will smell it for days after. This may or may not have happened to me.
Just because I know you all will get a kick out of it, here are a few still shots (Courtesy of Mindy DeLaRosa - Thanks Mindy!!):

We are definitely sisters...
The majority of Lauren's Love Patrol.
And little miss rock star herself, Lauren!
Again, a HUGE THANKYOU to all of those who helped us meet our $4000 goal for this year's Buddy Walk! Without your support, this pie-to-face blog would not be possible! We were so happy to be able to turn in all of that money to the Down Syndrome League of Victoria, and can't wait to see the organization making greater strides for individuals with Down Syndrome. 
P.S. Photos courtesy of Mindy DeLaRosa and Videos courtesy of iPhone video cameras that were rolling. :)


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  1. YES! That was awesome and totally worth the wait! Miss Lauren is a rockstar :-)