Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9 Months

I can't believe Landon is 9 months old today! Oh, and remember how I said he was almost crawling? Well, he has been doing the whole army crawl (dragging himself with his arms) for a few weeks now, and then just last night, he got up on his hands and knees and just went for it!

He is also pulling up and standing at the coffee table, in his crib, at his jumperoo, and pretty much anywhere else that he is able to grab onto something and pull up. We go to the doctor next Tuesday (the 14th) and I am so excited to get his "stats." He has the best laugh, and is now "talking" all the time. He says "dadadaddadadadadada" and "mamamamamamamamamama" and other silly little things too. I don't think he recognizes that he is saying "Daddy" or "Momma" --rather just repeating what Aaron and I say all the time. :)

This kid can sleep in the weirdest positions! And he moves constantly in his sleep. He is never in the same position I put him down in when I go to get him up in the mornings. This past weekend we were visiting Aunt Mary's (on Aaron's side) ranch house, and he fell asleep in his pack-n-play:

How in the world he was the least bit comfortable is beyond me!! I did move him to a more comfortable position after we got the picture, but the next day when I put him in the pack-n-play for a nap once we got home, this is how I found him:

Umm, maybe he's just stretching? hehe
Crazy boy! He is loving eating off of our plates these days, and even if he has just eaten his baby food, he will get frustrated if we are eating and not giving him something. He will eat just about anything so far. In fact, I only remember him spitting out broccoli rice casserole, but after that first bite, he ate it like his life depended on it. :) He had his first ear infection a couple weeks ago *a double ear infection!*, and after that went away, he was great for a few days, but now we seem to be dealing with some allergies. His eyes are goopy in the mornings, and his nose is always going between running and being stopped up. FUN. (not!) Hoping it clears up soon. Still no teeth, but maybe soon. He has been doing quite a bit of drooling, and gnawing on toys, so maybe one will pop out in the next week or so.

Moving on... did I mention that we got a new car?! Traded Aaron's little KIA in and got a Dodge Journey. I'm LOVING it! We have already taken it on two "trips" -- once to Palacios, and then to Cameron this past weekend.

The color is "Blackberry Pearl"
 I know the bigger car payment will take a chunk of change that we were just getting to "enjoy" since my car had been paid off, but we will still get to enjoy the money--only everytime we drive :). On our first trip in our new car, we went to Palacios, and took Landon to the beach there. He LOVED the water!

Isn't he handsome!?!

We didn't have our swimsuits or anything though, so we just "waded" for about 10-15 mintues. He was kicking and having a good time. I think he is going to love swimming. Can't wait to get him in the pool... maybe one day this weekend.

So, I need some prayers. I am thinking of starting a business, making "things" and although I am pretty sure I will be able to make nice things, I am scared of the whole "marketing" and "pricing" aspects of it. I want this venture to take off, so I can stay at home with my kid(s) someday, but still contribute to our income. I am really going to try to start working on it this weekend, and hopefully have some things to share within the next couple of weeks, so prayers are appreciated! Please feel free to leave your own prayer requests as comments below :)

Oh, one more thing --it is time to quit stalling and lose this baby weight (not to mention all the rest of the extra weight I have put on in the past 10 years or so!) So-- be praying for me in that endeavor as well! Exercise is a must-- and I despise it most of the time! :)

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  1. I love you sister! I know you can do anything you put your mind to! I have the same prayer requests you do! So pray away!! :)