Friday, August 12, 2011

Nothing profound...just living.


Landon is now taking steps! Oh okay, before I get ahead of myself.... He turned 11 months this past Monday, and on Wednesday evening, Aaron was playing with him and decided to put him a few feet away from him. Normally, Landon would just plop down and crawl back to Aaron... but this time, he took 3 (unassissted) steps! We got all excited and I got my phone out to video -- we practiced until he started getting mad at us. The most he took in a row that night was 6. I'm sure he will be "taking steps" for at least a week or two before we can consider him full on WALKING, but still... my baby is growin up! *Tear*

If this video doesn't work for whatever reason, I have a video of it on, go "friend me" on Facebook if ya wanna see it! :) If it does work, consider yourselves in deep trouble, cause I'm going to upload all my videos of this adorable kiddo :)

We also have teeth! Just a few weeks ago he got the first one (bottom middle right tooth) and then this past week, he has gotten both of his middle top teeth. His new favorite past-time is grinding them. EESH! I hate that noise!

He is outgrowing all of his sleepers, and we are putting him in shorts and t-shirts for bedtime now. Another sign that my baby is turning into a toddler. I cannot believe he will be a year old in less than a month. I know this is cliche, but time has just FLOWN by. (flown...that's a funny word. like fork. fork is funny too. *random thought over now*) Well, you know I can't resist tossing up a few pictures of my kiddo...brace yourself, he gets cuter by the day!:

Road trip to Houston - on the search for a new tent!
Po wearing his hat
Nonna wearing his hat

My patriotic boy on the 4th of July
 Wow. after looking at pictures, I realized it has been a while since I updated. Landon had a great time on the 4th of July. We went early (like 5:30pm) to get a spot for the fireworks, cause it fills up quick. The spot we really wanted was taken by like 9am. Crazy people :). We actually ended up with an even better spot if you don't count the whole waiting an hour after the "show" to get out of the parking lot. We had "front row" seats, and I was a little worried that Landon would be scared of the noise. Quite the contrary! The first few seemed to scare him for a split second, but then he was pointing at them and babbling away. I'm sure in his own way, he was exclaiming over the colors, and telling us which "style" was his favorite! (I like love the ones that look like huge willow trees!)

We also went on our first camping trip since he was born. I don't have those pictures "on me" to upload, but here is one of him with his Popo and all of his cousins by the river:

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Landon, Popo, Korbin, Emma, AJ, Kadyn, Malachi, and Zoe
We all had a really great time -- and it is an "annual" trip, so Landon will get to enjoy this spot every summer growing up. I'll try to remember to add some more pictures (and commentary) of this trip later on.

I got new boots!

I love getting new shoes. I've been wanting some nice brown boots for a while, and since they were on sale, Aaron let me I decided to get them. :) They are comfy too! I'll be "stylin" this winter hehe.

Best. Husband. Ever.
In case you can't tell, that is a dozen roses, with a gift card to the Woodhouse Day Spa. For a 2 hour massage. Aaron is already an amazing husband and daddy. But add this to the mix? Again: Best. Husband. Ever. I came home from work one day to find this on the counter. Just because. I love my husband. :)

And just a few more pictures, etc.:

This kid is always pointing at ceiling fans/light fixtures. We could probably take him to Lowes to look at fans for his birthday, and he'd be a happy camper :)

Milk face! But check out those eyes. I know, I know, I'm his mom, but I think he has gorgeous eyes!
Okay, that's all for now. I know you will all be on pins and needles until my next post. I'll try to be a little more consistent. But, no promises! Oh--wait, I do need to add pictures of my latest Forever Treasures... maybe you'll "see me" sooner than you think! 

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  1. Go Landon! The walking seemed to be a few steps here and there for us...and then BAM she was off. Good luck! And Audrey does the same teeth grinding thing all of a sudden and I hate it! That sound kills me.