Friday, December 9, 2011

Forever Treasures - off the ground

So, remember forever ago when I posted about my Forever Treasures? 

Well, I am finally going to post some more. I have actually already made quite a few sales, and have more blocks ready to go. I have even participated in some vendor shows, and while they weren't very lucrative, they were good events to "get my feet wet." First off though, I had a logo and business cards designed by Queen Mab Designs (Check her out if you have a chance!). I LOVE my logo! She created exactly what I had in mind! See:

So, now for the picture dump of some of the blocks I have created:

Butterfly blocks for a co-worker and her sisters to remind them of their mom who passed away.

This one is one of the more popular ones!

Hello Kitty!

Those are just a few of them. I am now working on a Disney Princess block, a Star Wars themed block, and a Lightning McQueen block. I also have a few that I took pictures of on a different camera, that have not been put on a computer yet. I'll get to them eventually. (I know, I know, "promises, promises")

My "booth" at one of the vendor shows

The shows didn't go great - in fact, at one of them, I didn't sell a single block. I got pretty discouraged, but have since received 3 more orders for different blocks. And some people order more than one. I believe these blocks are reasonably priced ($15 for the 8" blocks, $20 for the 10" blocks), and they are all very unique - not a single one made exactly the same (at least, so far hehe). I think Market Days will have a better "audience" if you know what I mean. Market Days is where a bunch of vendors set up in the Square downtown and are there for the whole day. It is a really fun atmosphere, and usually draws a large crowd. For now, I'm working on special request orders, and the "generic" blocks I've made up will stay in my inventory until they sell. I'm excited that I've sold any at all, and feel like I'm "on my way." I was worried this business venture of mine would never get off the ground, but things are looking up! I have so many more ideas, but would like to make a little bit more money before I splurge on getting the materials I'll need for other projects.

Anywho, it's going to be a busy holiday season, and it's my favorite time of the year! -- Gotta get started on my Christmas shopping...eeek! 'Til next time everyone!

Aww, twinkly lights!

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