Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year! New... nope, same old me. :)

Okay, so obviously it is the same old me or I would have updated a long time ago. Sometimes new years come in with a bang, but this year has just kind of snuck in quietly. Aaron was working on New Year's morning, so he went to bed early on New Year's Eve. I stayed up doing random things around the house, just to say I "rang in" the New Year. I gave Aaron a kiss, looked in on my sweet sleeping boy and then hit the hay myself. Exciting, right?

Well, not really, but it was perfect if you ask me. Anywho, since I know Landon with his adorable face is probably the only reason anyone reads this blog anyway, I'll deliver, with pictures and video! (You can thank me with a comment hehe).

"Awake" and ready for daycare. Poor kiddo was still sleepy!

Took this picture with the Instagram App on my iPhone. One of my most favorite pictures of him!

Just in case you missed this one on FaceBook - This boy can put down some donuts!
(also taken with the Instagram App)

He was NOT a happy camper. I had to walk backwards in a circle the whole time he was on this thing. Note to self: Don't wear flip flops to Chuck E. Cheese.

Wheeeee! At least he isn't scared of the slide!

Yummy for my tummy. Yes, that is a corn dog. He LOVES them. And he will EAT them. 'Nuff said.


So... now that you've had your fix of Landon... guess what?! I've lost weight! (Okay, don't get too excited yet...) I refuse to tell my starting weight just yet, cause I am still mortifiied and not comfortable sharing it. Just know that it is too much. I am working on counting calories (I suck at it) and just having more self control when it comes to eating sweets. I think I got more than one sweet tooth when they were handing them out. Anyway... I've lost (drumroll please) 8lbs so far. It's been about 3-4 months, but I would lose 2 lbs, gain it back... lose 3 lbs, gain 2 back, lose another 2, gain yeah. It is slow going...but I'm "winning" the war on fat. :) My clothes are getting loose already, and now that I will have fitness release time from work (2 hours a week, woohoo!) I'll have no excuse for not getting at least a little bit of exercise in!

I'm not drinking caffeine -- and also no carbonation. In fact about 90% of the time, I am just drinking water. I don't even miss coke (and by coke, I mean Dr. Pepper). I do have an occasional glass of juice with dinner, and I do love a nice tall glass of skim milk every now and then. So maybe I am a little bit of a "New Me." -- I'm just not quite the new me I wanna be yet.

In other news -- planning a trip to Vegas!! So excited, and can't wait to share pictures (although, with my track record and sharing pictures in a timely manner.... we all know how that goes)! Anywho...  that's all for now. I'll be back... soon-ish. :) Oh, and have a Spectacular 2012!!!


  1. Congrats on losing some weight! I loved the dr. Pepper/coke comment. It's a Texas thing! I still say coke for any soda.

    When I your Vegas trip? We will be there late February.

  2. Hehe, thanks! Yeah, all sodas around here are "coke." I forget, where in Texas did you live?
    We are going the 2nd weekend in February.. the 10th through the 13th.