Thursday, April 19, 2012


So. I REALLY need to upload Easter pictures. I have yet to do an Easter post. It is kind of late to be talking about bunnies and egg hunts huh? But You will be burdened with my Easter post... eventually. Not today. Cause I'm lazy - and I still haven't uploaded all the adorable pictures of Landon and his cousins from my camera. You still love me though. And now I've got you on pins and needles waiting for adorable pictures (Right? Right. Just humor me a little bit).

In other news, my niece, Lauren will be turning 4 years old soon. Now, just to get this out of the way: All of my nieces (and nephews!) are special, and beautiful, and wonderful - and I love them all equally. They all have so many unique characteristics that make them special to me. Lauren for instance has the biggest smile, gives the longest most snuggly hugs, and she has Down Syndrome. Here's the thing- Down Syndrome is just ONE aspect of her. It doesn't define who she is. I wanted to introduce her because I will most likely be talking more about her and what we are doing to change the world because of her. And because it isn't nice to introduce someone when you can't see them... I give you Lauren:

Isn't she beautiful? Stay tuned to future blog posts on how you can get involved to help our goal of making this a better world for her. Maybe I'm partial, but I think she deserves the world. :) I mean, check out that dimple (Pretty sure she gets that from me. I have one too when I smile)!!

Oh, and just because I haven't posted one in the last couple of posts... here is a picture of Landon...
How about that hair?!

FYI, the hair was all Aaron's idea. but it's growing on me. Aww man, I just realized I was going to make you wait on pins and needles for adorable pictures. Darn it! Umm... well... the Easter ones are just as cute if not cuter! 


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love Mr. Landon's hair. Very stylish :) I shall be waiting anxiously for your Easter post.

  2. She is adorable! As I'm sure they all are... but she's a cutie! Seeing her smile makes me smile.

    And yes, I love the hair!