Friday, June 29, 2012

So... not much today...just a couple pictures... Happy Friday!

Remember that trip with just us three kids and my mom that I talked about? Look what sweet kiddos we were on that adventure! (Okay, so I am the only one being an angel. Morgan and Jarrod are obviously misbehaving in this picture...) I am 87% positive this was taken in Frankfurt, Germany. Also, I'm pretty sure I still have that shirt somewhere.
*Sorry about the picture quality. Again, this is a picture of a picture.

I up and decided I wanted a haircut before our vacation the other day. I knew there was not a chance of getting in to see my regular stylist, so I just went to MasterCuts at the mall. I had to do it RIGHT THEN, or I might have changed my mind. This is a before picture. Mind you, my hair was in need of a good shampoo and/or at least a brush at this point of the day.

Another before picture. I guess I should have asked the guy cutting my hair to take the picture, as this really doesn't show how long it was down my back. Oh well.

And this is 8.5 inches later. I love it so far! Granted, I do this usually once a year, but that's besides the point. :)

And one last picture for today:

Please excuse the mess in the playroom...but, I bought shorts for the first time since I was pregnant (and it had been awhile before that as well!) - and actually feel somewhat comfortable wearing them in public! I still haven't lost any more weight, but I blame that on my wisdom teeth. However, they have now been removed, and operation "Get Healthy" commences again!

And now, VACATION begins today!


  1. Your hair looks great! Whoo hoo for the shorts! You definitely need them out here as it is HOT!

  2. Thanks Anna! And HOT is right! Looking forward to cooler weather!! This TX heat is stifling!

  3. Thank you for praying, Marci !!! oxox