Friday, June 15, 2012

The "Cool (OLD) Dude"

So, Father's Day is this weekend... and since I posted about my Mom for Mother's Day, it is only fair that I post about my Dad to honor him as well.

So yeah. When talking to Landon, he refers to himself as a "cool dude." I always remind him that he needs to add the word OLD in there. He never does. I'm pretty sure he will never consider himself old. My mom often says she has 4 kids when anyone asks her - and either she is talking about my dad, or she has some explaining to do. :)

Meet my Dad: (Well, he was not a dad yet...obviously. I just wanted to toss on some OLD pictures of him, cause I actually had time to take pictures of pictures with my iPhone. I know. I am so technologically advanced.)

Aww! See, I really put that picture, cause I think he sometimes still thinks he is that age (what, maybe 12? 13?). Dad was always the one who would take us to McDonald's play-place when we were little and Mom was out of town on bowling trips (Yep. EVERY SINGLE DAY she was gone. - Me thinks he didn't know how want to cook). But that's okay, cause we loved McDonalds.

There are lots of fun stories I remember about Dad... Ever heard of the game "Gotcha Last?" I'm 98% sure he invented it. If you haven't heard of it... well, it's basically tag. But's it's more fun to say "Gotcha Last!"

Dad is almost famous for his phrase "I be getting wet." What do you mean you haven't heard that? Oh, you must never have been camping with us. I can't tell you the number of times we have gotten rained on while camping in this family! Sometimes while sleeping (FYI, tents flood - when they do, you sleep in the mini-van AKA the blue space shuttle), sometimes while eating, but usually while hiking. If you are a St. Louis, a Pierson, or a Worthen, and you are related to me, and you went hiking up that mountain in Ruidosa that know what I'm talking about! If you weren't there, suffice it to say that we were not merely getting wet. We were getting soaked to the bone. And hiking (read: slipping and sliding) down a drenched mountain trail can be scary!

Dad says funny things often. Well, at least he thinks they are funny. Maybe that's where I get it from. I happen to be notorious for saying "My Daddy slapped me!" in the middle of church (Anyone from Sherwood remember that?). Apparently my mom was in the choir, so we were just sitting with Dad, and I was in a chatty mood. My dad asked me several times to be quiet, but I persisted in my conversation (about who knows what - I was about 3 years old). So, Dad did what any father would have done and reached over and (gently?) popped me on the mouth. Now I REALLY had something to say! I said it a couple times, louder each time (had to make sure EVERYONE could hear me!). Any bets on whether or not Dad got as red as a tomato?

Also, do not pronounce FUJI Film as "Fudgie Film." You will get made fun of by your father for the rest of your life. Even if you were only 9 years old when you did it.  

Mom and Dad at a high school dance

His senior picture... (I think)

 If you ask me a trivia question and I don't know the answer, instead of saying "Let me Google that," I say "I bet my Dad knows, hold on..." --and he usually does know the answer. He could have probably won Who Wants to Be a Millionaire a few times...and I'm not just saying that cause he's MY dad. (Hey, Dad... you really should have gone on that show. I, er I mean you could be "retired" already!)

He even has proof (so HE says) that he is so smart. Most of his hair has fallen out, and he claims that it is because his brain pushes it out. Either that, or he'll feed you that line about there being only so many perfect heads in the world (the rest are covered with hair).

Don't ask me what Dad does for a living (I promise, it's nothing bad! I just don't know how to explain it!). He works at the same place my mom works. Something to do with Controls and water treatment plants...or something. If you really wanted to know, you'd have to ask him.  

In all seriousness though, I have the best parents in the world. I feel bad for everyone else, really. It just isn't fair. :) Dad is a funny, laid-back kind of guy - most of the time. Unless you don't put his daughter in Drivers Ed after she has signed up for it 3 years in a row. My sister came home from picking up her Junior class schedule, and no Drivers Ed, AGAIN. Dad went back to the school with her, and from what I understand, Morgan thought the veins in his head were going to pop out. He yelled at her school principal... and the school principal got her schedule fixed.

Another time, when we lived overseas, we were playing outside in front of our villa, and some of the local boys about my age (9-10) came over and were talking to us. One of them decided it would be fun to hit me in the head with a small metal pole. Morgan and Jarrod went running with me to our villa, the boys took off to theirs. Dad saw the (tiny bit of) blood on my forehead, asked what happened and was out the door. I've never seen my dad run so fast - he didn't even bother to put shoes on! Needless to say, the boys apologized, and didn't mess with us after that (Also, my head is fine... in my opinion hehe).

So yeah. Best Dad award goes to.... Larry Boyd! (As I say when he gets a strike in bowling..."That's my dad!!)

Now, to bomb the rest of the page with pictures!

Mom, Dad and Morgan.

Look at those hair-do(not)s!

Can't remember if that is Morgan or me. Either way... couch + Dad = sleep

At a wedding. I think for my Uncle Dennis... (That's me trying to eat my hands)

Umm... wow. :) This WAS the 80's...

Everyone at once now... "Awww!"

On the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I'm told this fountain is no longer there :(

Dad is always behind the camera. This is why it is hard to find more recent pictures of him. (We were in the desert in the UAE... riding on camels. We stopped for a break, and dad filmed the dunes)

Swimming at the Hilton in Abu Dhabi

The 90's...

Dad walking me down the aisle. He asked if I wanted to run (TO the altar)

After the father/daughter dance - He smacked me with his hand on my head (that's how I kiss him bye - I kiss my hand then smack his head) so I was fixing to hit him.

I would be completely remiss if I did not mention my husband, Aaron, and the AMAZING father he is to our kiddo, Landon. I can guarantee you Landon will grow up bragging about his dad being the best ever, just like I do about mine! This picture was taken when Aaron held Landon for the first time.

Dad holding his first grandson

My boys!!

"Po" was wearing Landon's hat

My newest favorite of Aaron and Landon. This is in a field near our church.
 So, there you have it. Happy Father's Day (weekend) to all you Dad's out there! Especially all the guys in my circle of family and friends.

P.S. Umm.. shall we forget about the Easter post? I soo wish I wasn't so lazy when it came to uploading pictures!...but it's June already...

P.S.S. Leave a comment and tell me about your Dad and what makes him so special to you! Then, if you haven't already, "follow" me.

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