Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drumroll, Please...

Oh, wait! You don't know what the drumroll is for!!!
That's because I've been a lazy blogger. Still love me? (Umm... don't answer that.)
So, what is the drumroll for? I'm so glad you asked! In case you weren't aware, October is Down Syndrome Awareness month (let me make you "aware" hehe). We celebrate every year at our local Buddy Walk - put on by our local Down Syndrome League and the National Down Syndrome Society. We have a team that was put together to support and raise money in honor of my niece, Lauren, who has Down Syndrome.

We call ourselves "Lauren's Love Patrol" - and this year, we set a big goal! In the past, we have done bake sales, sold candles, sold car air fresheners, etc. etc. etc. to raise money for our team to turn in to help the DSLV (local league) and NDSS raise awareness for inclusion for those individuals with Down Syndrome. We have done well with all of these fundraisers, but just felt like we could do more.

We decided on doing a donation campaign amongst family and friends, coworkers, and on Facebook. A goal of $4000 was set, since Lauren turned 4 years old this year.
As an extra incentive for those donating, it was decided that if the goal was met, two certain people would get a pie to the face. Since it happened to be my idea, I got suckered into being one of those volunteers. My sister (and Lauren's mom), Morgan, would be the other pie-to-face recipient if we reached the goal.  
Lauren (with a little help) would arguably be the cutest kiddo ever to put a pie in someone's face - of course, that is if we reached the $4000 goal.

Oh yeah, so, back to the drumroll!!! We started off with small donations, and then started receiving some bigger donations as well. Morgan created this nifty little ribbon to color in to show the progress on our goal: 

Well... guess what?! We have something to cheer about!!!
We met our goal of $4000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! So far, our grand total is..... $4,214.00 -- By far the most our team has ever raised! And we still have a few donations coming in. There's definitely time left if anyone else would like to make a donation as well. Dad says if we reach $5000, he'll take a pie in the face as well!
If you would like to make a donation, just let me know, and I'll tell you how. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all of the friends and family who have donated so far! You guys are all such great blessings!!
If you are going to be in Victoria this Saturday and need something to do, come and join Dsl Victoria and take part in our 4th annual Buddy Walk at Riverside Park (by Rosebud Stadium) from 8-2. Wristbands for the bounce houses and games are only $5 each.
Plus, you can watch Morgan and I (and possibly our Dad) get a pie to the face - in person!
(P.S. - I really like exclamation points huh? :) hehe)



  1. Still love you! Missed you though :) Really want to witness the pie-in-the-face.

  2. Congratulations on reaching (well, actually surpassing) your goal! That's awesome!!