Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Eventful Weekend

Well, I had a pretty busy couple of days off...

On Saturday morning, Aaron, Landon and I headed to Goliad Market Days -- I was on the hunt for a Wahoo board. If you've never played Wahoo, you are missing out! It is an old game, and it is kind of like the board games "Sorry" or "Trouble." Anywho... I got one! And to beat all, it is double-sided! One side is made for 4 players, and the other for 6. Can't wait to have a game night at our house... (oh wait, that means I gotta finish cleaning...maybe I can wait afterall :) hehe). I also found myself a new purse while we were there. I think it is too cute!

After Market Days, we turned around, met Aaron's Dad (Leroy) at our house and then headed to Houston for a little more shopping. That was Aaron's idea -- but I'm glad we went, cause we ended up going to Babies R Us and got Landon's new "big boy" car seat. He wasn't too excited about it at first, but he warmed up to it.
So hard to believe he is already 7 months old though! Anywho, we went to eat at Lupe Tortilla (highly recommend if you are ever in the Sugar Land area-- they have great fajitas, and great margaritas!) after all the shopping was done, and then headed home where I quickly fell asleep. It was a long, but fun day! We had planned on going to church on Sunday morning, but decided to just stay home and sit around in our pajamas for most of the day. I ended up getting a lot done around the house (YAY!) and even got to about 88% of the laundry (I maintain that you can never be completely done with laundry!)

Got up on Monday morning--you know, back to work as usual-- but Landon had other plans. He had thrown up in his bed (and never fussed or made a peep to let me know! Poor kid must have been all tuckered out. So I changed him into his clothes for the day and gave him his bottle.. After about three ounces, he pushed the bottle away, and proceeded to throw it all up again. Poor baby! Needless to say, I just changed him back into another sleeper, changed my clothes back into some new pajamas, and we had another pajama day--spent most of it in the recliner snuggling with my sweet boy. He smiled most of the day, even when he wasn't feeling good!
He is feeling much better today though, and we are both back to the regular 8-5 schedule of work and daycare.

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  1. Welcome to Bloggy land! Landon is so cute and looks so old!