Friday, October 14, 2011

1st Birthday Party Pt. 1

Okay, so, gave the teaser yesterday... and here is the real thing!

The weather started out not so great...and ended up as really yucky and gloomy, and wet. Yep, it hadn't rained in South Texas for forever, and the day we decide to have Landon's party, DOWNPOUR. But, we made the best of our outdoor party, and were thankful for the giant pavilion we had it under. Aaron and his dad went out early in the day to decorate and get the grill set up for the hamburgers and hotdogs. Cause we all know it isn't a party without those!

The kiddos had a good time with the two pinatas and the sidewalk chalk. We had planned on having Yankee Golf (or Redneck Golf) and washers for all the adults to play while the kids played on the playground, but the rain kept us under the pavilion instead.


And that's enough for now... All about his presents and smash cake next time :).


  1. Looks like a great party, especially the cool pinatas! I cannot tell if you guys are Longhorn fans or not :-P

  2. Thanks! I really gotta work on my layout, cause I am not happy with how the pictures are showing up... but I'll get it eventually.

    Yeah... we would have worn Cowboys' jerseys, but.... maybe next year :)

  3. I responded to your comment on Lily's blog (in case you don't check back...)