Friday, May 11, 2012

Give me an "M!"

For Moms!
Well, my mom, in particular. She's the best there ever was. Trust me on this. I'm an expert. :)

Meet my mom, Gayle: (and cue "brown-nosing" post)

I might be partial, but hey...aren't we all? You've heard of a Jack-of-all-trades? My mom would be the Jill. For reals. She is an artist (and that doesn't seem a big enough word....), a wife, a home-maker, a bookkeeper/Auto-CAD operator (no, I have no idea what that means), and so much more.

She has been City Champ in bowling at least 3 times (maybe more?!), has been inducted into the Bowling Hall of Fame in our town (That's my Mom!), used to play softball, play in a handbell choir, sing in the choir, was a VIP on the PTA of our elementary school....

Was a Sunday school teacher, a witch (calm down... she dressed up for Halloween one year. I WISH I had a picture!!!), a Team Mom for sports, a cheerleader (well, only at our sports competitions... she didn't wear the skirt or have pompoms.)....

She played the French Horn (in High School - yay for Band Nerds!), helped run school carnivals and field days for us kids, drove us anywhere and everywhere... (this is how I learned my road-rage. Thanks Mom!)

And now just a little story to describe the AWESOMENESS that is my Mom:

When I was 8 years old, we moved away from all of our family and friends - halfway around the world to be exact. My Dad had already been living overseas for 3 months as his job required. My mom packed up all of our belongings, and got us 3 kids ready for the move (My sister was the oldest, at 12). Us three kids had NEVER flown before, and she was setting out, ALONE, with three young kiddos for 36 hours of travel. Maybe she was (is?) a little crazy too. I don't know how she didn't have a meltdown at just the thought of tackling this adventure. Aside from the normal whining and fighting between us kids, everything went pretty smooth, regardless of long flights and having to switch planes, dash through airports, etc. That is, until the last leg of our journey. We got to Bahrain -- had been kids were all very grouchy and tired, and didn't want to carry our bags anymore (Guess who got stuck carrying them? --yup, Mom.). There was a problem somehow, and we MISSED our last flight. Did I mention this was in the age before everyone and their dog had a cell phone? My Dad was waiting for us in and airport just about an hour's flight away-- and he was expecting us to be on that flight. Mom had no way to get ahold of him to let him know we were okay.
The airport people in Bahrain were kind enough to give us a free meal (which we didn't eat much of, and Mom didn't make us), and to get us on another flight. Mom still did not have a meltdown. Then to top it all off, when we finally got to Abu Dhabi, we had to spend FOREVER and a day in customs. And my Dad was standing right outside the glass... with a full facial beard! Crazy man (Mom does not like Dad with a beard). Still, no meltdown!

So... yeah. I think my Mom beats all. :) She's pretty darn good at her job of being a mom too. I mean...hello!?! I'm a product of that job! I just know we can all agree she's pretty amazing. Also, I'm pretty sure I missed a couple of things that she "is." -- Oh yeah, she can sew, and make jewelry and beaded eggs, and ornaments too! (See the link when you're done here:)!/pages/Freehand-Creations/162707553748820

(She did alright with Morgan and Jarrod too, I guess. --But, shh...don't tell them I said that!)
I bet Mom got a kick out of that last comment ;)

Anywho... you know I just gotta share pictures... Lucky for you, I don't have a bunch of them that I would love to share scanned in (yeah...surprise surprise)....

That's Mom, there in the middle, in the red shorts. Circa the early 80's.

Well... I never said she was a stylist... Definitely some questionable choices for her kids on occasion... But at least I looked mostly adorable... (obviously, I'm the short one on the right)

Mom now also holds the title of "Nonna" to 4 adorable grandkids. This particular kiddo is Landon - my son, and her only grandson so far.

L-R: Aaron, Landon, me, Amy, Rylee, Jarrod (brother), Morgan (sister), Lauren, Madison, and Will

Note: Mom is not taller than Dad. She was standing a step above him. :)
She taught me how to be a mom. And she was there when my son was born.
I hope I can be for him what she is to me.
Cause being a mom is tough work...but so rewarding!


P.S. If I EVER have to fly halfway around the world with three young kids... I'm taking my mom with me!!!

*Also... A "shoutout" to all the other moms out there- especially those I'm related to. You all have had an impact on me someway somehow - Happy Mother's Day this weekend!!!*

P.S.S. Leave a comment about what makes your momma so special!


  1. Marci, you have a wonderful mother! What a beautiful tribute you wrote about her. I would never have survived flying half way across the world with just Ellie let alone 2 other kids!

    My mama gave up her job to raise me and my brother even though money was tight. She was involved in girl scouts, soccer, dance, music, and MAD. When I was 7yo, my mother almost died. To this day, they still do not know what is wrong, but she now has a pacemaker to keep her going. She has been through some horrible surgeries with some rather interesting complications and she still puts her family first. She has amazing morals
    and values that I hope to instill in my daughter.

    Happy mother's day to you, Marci!

  2. Very Sweet. Shes also blessed to have a grateful daughter as yourself. Happy Moms Day:)

  3. Marci-email me your email and I'll send you an invite to our family blog? oxox